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Chelsea Computer Solutions (CCS) provides professional information technology planning,analysis, design and implementation of IT solutions for your business. CCS offers your small business or medium size business the competitive advantage of having the same professional IT consulting clout that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a cost-effective price that fits in with your budget.         attractive professionals at attractive rates

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In the work environment of the 60's, 70's and 80's, the focus was on finding employment and remaining employed. In the new work environment of the 90's (and the decades ahead), the focus is on ensuring employability by gaining experience and developing a skillset. Reward systems based on the promise of continued employment and movement up the 'organizational ladder' must be replaced by systems that promise fair compensation, the opportunity to develop and improve career skills, and an enhancement of the individual's marketability. That is, rather than reward workers with company-specific skills and titles that will improve the workers' long-term tenure within the boundaries of the organization, companies reward good workers by providing them with the career assets that will help them maintain and improve their employability with all companies (i.e., clients).

The workplace has become a boundaryless environment. Rather than defining the workplace within the boundaries of a particular organization, workers should now consider the entire global marketplace as the workplace. Careers are no longer tied to one or two specific companies over the course of one's lifetime. Even those workers who remain at a company for the long-term (e.g., 10 or 15 years), do so with the mindset of independent vendors who are dependent on themselves, not on any company or organization, for career growth and continued paid work.

As always, the individual must build a reputation as a competent worker who can be relied on to provide quality labor and services. The difference, today, is that, rather than building that reputation within a specific organization, the worker builds his reputation within an industry or profession. "He'll go far in this company" is replaced by "he'll go far in this industry."

By ensuring one's employability via skill building, education, financial planning, and self-marketing, the individual provides himself with the career insurance that used to come from the right choice of employer. In the environment of The One Day Contract, running your career (and, indeed, your life) as a business ( thinking like an entrepreneur, not like an employee ) provides the only 'unemployment insurance' you need.

This is, indeed, a radical departure from the way things have been for a long, long time. It goes against much of what we were taught when we were young. It goes against what our parents experienced and believed. It may make you feel uncomfortable... and it has happened in an almost stealth manner, quietly and in the background, but also so quickly that you probably didn't see it coming.

This is the nature of any paradigm shift. Everything you were taught has changed and now you must rethink your premises and rethink your plans. But the change has happened. Those who adapt now will have a great advantage over those who wait until later to change and especially over those who never change.

For this reason we have developed a personalized and small group training environment to ensure all clients and students can learn the fast paced, well salaried career in IT support and services with programming and code of what is the most in demand jobs in NYC today.

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